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A nocturnal emission, or "wet dream" is a happy little explosion that occurs when a man loves some one very, very much, when he is sound asleep. It is a natural and beautiful process, and nothing to be ashamed of, as some organized religions or parents  In its more spectacular instances, a wet dream can be a dazzling sensory circus of flashes and splashes culminating in a gooey flourish, followed by the pleasant aroma of chestnut blossoms. All of this, with none of the inconvenience of remaining conscious.
Nocturnal Emissions occurs when whitish fluid called semen 
Released through the penis while a boy or a man is sleeping. Nocturnal emissions are most common during teenage and early adult years.
It is associated with the fact that, males typically get an erection often during sleep and the semen released owing to the direct result of the stimulation caused by either erotic dreams, or memories of waking sexual activities but many men claim to have had nocturnal emissions without accompanying erotic dreams and another common theory is that wet dreams are the way the body disposes of "built-up" semen,
How common is nocturnal emission?
The frequency of nocturnal emissions is highly variable. Some men have experienced large numbers of nocturnal emissions as teenagers, while some men have never experienced one in their lives
Usual rate of nocturnal emissions are once during a period of 15-30 days are considered physiological (normal) .
Abnormal. while that occurring twice a week or more and associated with symptoms such as dizziness, weakness and insomnia etc., are considered pathologic (abnormal)

Should nocturnal emission be treated?
Excessive nocturnal emission needs immediate medical assistance because it may lead to Hormonal disorders and decreased testosterone level can be the cause for inability to achieve an erection.Another major cause which of course tends to lead to “low sperm concentration” and a low sperm count is one cause of male infertility.

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